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:::  About Us  :::

We are your pet's 2nd best friend!
(You will always be their BEST friend!)

Thanks for checking us out.  Petpal is owner operated by Alain, the person that you'll meet during your consultation and the person who will manage your pet's care.  Alain has lived with pets his entire life and is the loving daddy of Tyson, his 15 year old dog and Kina, his 4 year old cat. 


After graduating with a degree in Economics from Penn State University in 1994, Alain worked at Adidas-Salomon sporting goods for several years in both financial and marketing capacities before moving on to business development and consulting in the Internet sector. Now attending Suffolk University Law School, Alain is a competitive cyclist, avid snowboarder, occasional runner and photography enthusiast.

While Alain still cares for many pets himself, Petpal is no longer a one-man show. 

Petpal has grown into a close team of friends that enjoy spending as much time as possible hanging out with animals large and small, especially dogs and cats.

Meet our team here.


As a member of both Pet Sitter International and Pet Sitters Associates, Petpal is fully insured and bonded for your peace of mind.  Petpal is a division of Alain's company Attacom, Inc., licensed to do business in the city of Boston under the name Petpal.  We are more than happy to provide you with references and testimonials from current and past clients. 

Thanks for checking us out!

236 Beacon Street

Boston, MA  02116
tel: 617.512.6767

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